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The Photographer - Hi, My name is Grandin Eakle. I live in Columbus, GA and am the Owner of G. Eakle Photography. I opened G.E.P. in 1995 to combine two of my passions, flying and photography.  I have since developed clientele in several areas of photography. I am a member of The Professional Photographers Association PPA, Georgia Professional Photographers Association GPPA and Southeastern Professional Photographers Association SEPPA. I am also a member of the Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Creative Exposures Photography Club, and Jones Light Aviation. I am also a private pilot. If you are looking for a photographer in the West Central Georgia or East Central Alabama area, I hope you will consider my services.



Photographers Executive Assistant -  Marti Marano has joined our team bringing past experience that provides our customers with caring and  capable services.  The image below shows Marti and I at a photo shoot at First Presbyterian Preschool in Columbus.

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Thank you for all your prayers, support, and love for me and my family as we have gone through this chapter of our lives.

Year 2006 Update: To say 2006 was a big year in my life would be an understatement.. On Sunday March 12, 2006 as I was taking off in my small experimental airplane the engine quit. In the resulting crash among other injuries I broke my back and received a Spinal Cord Injury. I am currently paralyzed from the waist down. I am totally grateful I survived and am continuing to recover and rehabilitate my body. On a daily basis I learn how to adapt and figure out new ways accomplish the tasks it takes to continue my business. I am grateful to have the world's best family, friends, and clients. I am  back at work and have a very competent assistant named Marti. Together we make a great team and are taking on opportunities as they present themselves. I have not found anything I cannot adapt a way to "GET ER DONE". Thanks to God, lots of medical personnel, The Shepherd Center, a great lifeflight helicopter crew, and the aforementioned family and friends I am "STILL KICKIN'". Marti and I stand ready to cover any photographic needs you may have. Please let G. Eakle Photography, Inc. be your photographer for whatever your needs may be. 

The Camera Equipment - I use a variety of equipment. My main photography platform is a variety of the Nikon Digital DLSR bodies including D300, D200, D1x, D100, and Nikkor Lenses.  I have moved exclusively into the digital end of the image capture scene. However I started with and still maintain my Nikon 35mm and Mamiya Medium Format gear for use when needed. (Although I can't imagine when that would be) I maintain a fully stocked studio with a large variety of lighting capabilities,  backgrounds, and props. My studio includes a nice outdoor area for portrait and commercial work.

The Aerial Platform - Most of the aerial work I do is accomplished out of fixed wing single engine airplanes of several makes and models. For the immediate future I am not able to take aerial photographs. But don't worry , "I'LL BE BACK!" I just have to work out how to get in and out of an airplane safely and I'll be back at it.

Check below for new pictures and items of interest from time to time. ---- DON"T MISS "EM SCROLL DOWN.

This is Me and my son Trey around Christmas 2005 before my accident.

This is Me and Trey after my accident. Still looking good huh? (I mean Trey!!) 

Trey and I in the Talon. I think this was Trey's first flight.